My Credo
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My Credo

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I am sure that while looking at a picture, a person should only get positive emotions, endorphins of happiness. So I think that in the rooms where people work, and especially live, only happy paintings should be found, the ones which will recharge person’s batteries and boost the pleasure
For example, one should not keep at home items, which can bring negative memories, since it affects all family members. It is recommended to surround yourself with the positively charged things, especially hand-made items, as artist’s good energy is accumulated in his/her artworks. This is why I personally like only original paintings (and not the prints), since they are charged with the artist’s positive energy and create joyful atmosphere at home.
I want to create my paintings in such a way so the people will examine them again and again, and every time will find something new in it. The painting should be intriguing; it should be like an old friend – familiar, but different when seen from another angle. I like some secrecy, which can be hidden in a lot of my paintings.