Life Imitating Art
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Life Imitating Art

Life Imitating Art

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Romance is an idea that has to be worked at. In most bedrooms, being spontaneous can get things going, but what happens when that spark dies? You know the feeling of losing the heat in your relationship and wondering where it went. That sizzle is not lost forever. You just have to work at it and most importantly, work at it together. Erotic wall art just may be the answer. To some, it may seem a bit risque or may be looked upon as something that may break apart your relationship. This could not be further from the truth.

Adding erotic wall art to your bedroom can liven up things for you and your mate. These photos are not designed to make you or your mate feel uncomfortable. They are there to get you both into the mood. There should be no comparing or jealous glares from either of you. Just the sight of two people engaging in romantic or erotic activities can get two people in the mood. The wall art can be all romantic pieces. Kissing photos are great and also those where covering up and leaving your imagination to run wild can create sparks. On the other hand, erotic photos of couples engaging in sexual positions and areas being exposed are more daring, but the heat factor is hot, hot, hot.

For some couples who want a unique twist on erotic wall art, the pictures of themselves in various positions may do the trick. Having art on your bedroom walls of the two of you is simply divine. Strangers on the pictures are not intimidating because you do not know them, so having your own pictures gives people a sense of security and familiarity. Also looking at this type of wall art can trigger great memories between you and your mate. Think of all the photos of the both of you around the house. Those are the two of you at family functions and with children plus you are covered up. These photos give great memories and make you think of the dirty photos that are hanging on the walls of your bedroom. Going to sleep will never be dull again.

How about taking this concept one step further? For men who carry wallets and women who carry wallets in their purses, a picture of your mate in a romantic setting or even one where the setting is a bit more erotic can make the day fly by. Plus the drive home is more entertaining. Even pictures of you two together doing whatever you like are good too. You both will not be able to keep your hands off of each other when you hit the door, which every now and then is not a bad thing.

If you still unsure that erotic photos are appropriate, you can try erotic abstract art for a change. Special colors and promising shapes in combination with romantic music and candles may bring new feelings into your bedroom.

Keep things sizzling by changing things up and introducing new ideas into your bedroom. The results will be more than you could ever want and your satisfaction level may just reach a new all time high.