Good Artwork Creates Good Workers
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Good Artwork Creates Good Workers

Good Artwork Creates Good Workers

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Have you ever considered ‘jazzing’ up the office that you own? Perhaps by painting the walls, putting up some abstract artwork, or laying out plush new carpet? If the answer is ‘no,’ then you may want to think again about how well your employees are working, and how happy they are. Recently, there have been some studies that suggest that something as simple as hanging artwork can help instil a more productive workplace.

Artwork in the workplace creates a better workplace by creating better attitudes, improving employee morale, and enhancing the employees’ commitment to the workplace. Altogether, this creates a more productive work environment and happier organizational business.

In 2002, the MORI organization conducted a survey into workplace productivity in relation to the workplace environment. When the results were revealed, they showed that 53% of the workers felt more motivated when given opportunities to enjoy the abstract artwork during the day. 95% of the company owners felt that this motivation was essential or very important in relation to creating a positive work environment, and driving company performance.

Having artwork in the workplace is also a good way to keep the creative parts of our brains open. It helps us think and process information better than we could without that stimulation. In a survey made by ICM and Art & Business, they found that 73% of employees wanted to have more artwork in the office, claiming that it made them feel more inspired and motivated throughout the workday.

All in all, if you want to have good, inspired, and hard-working employees, the easiest, best way is to inspire them to create, by allowing them to view abstract artwork. Not only will it get their creative fuels pumping, but it will create a feeling of happiness and instil more productivity into your happy workers.